A Simple Explanation of On-site vs Cloud software and computing

There are many differences between cloud and on-site sotfware and they can be confusing. This is a very simple breakdown of the facts and what you need to know.

Free Cubing Tool for Removals Industry

We were asked a while back to create some software for the removals industry, which is now in use across the UK. Whilst doing it, we noticed so many company still use a clipboard to calculate cubic footage of a property. So we created this. A free tool which allows you to walk around the property, pressing buttons to increase or decrease the number of specific items (tables, chairs, TVs etc.) and automatically calculating the value. It's portable, doesn't need an internet connection and is absolutely free!

FREE Visitor Log

A free visitor log which will allow you to keep track of who is in and who is out. You can view historical visitors, see who visited when and for how long.

When you download the free software, it is ready to use immediately. The software is self-explanatory and will log any visitors. If you wish to look at the complete list of visitors past and present, there is a hidden button on the bottom left, this will show the complete list. To return to the main screen, press the ‘Front Screen’ button. To look at visitors currently logged in, press the hidden button on the bottom right.

Generate Invoices Automatically

A short 1 minute video to show how easy it is to have the system check which invoices are due, then generate them automatically

Customer Management and Support System

This short video shows you a system for management of customer data and a support system based on those customers. This makes the task of managing your customer information a simple routine which will save time and allow you to focus on other things

Periodic Invoicing - The Simplest Way To Do It

The short (1 minute video) we have created below shows you how simple it is to manage recurring invoices. With the push of a button you can create and send all invoices based on whichever period of time each customer is renting for (weekly, monthly, half yearly etc.)

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