Periodic Billing and Storage Management

Periodic Billing and Storage Management Periodic billing can be a time-consuming task. You need to send invoices regularly but the time taken on creating and generating them is time spent doing nothing else. The ProWork+ system gives you back that time by automatically creating and generating invoices at the push of a button. (Look at the video in our 'Videos' section for a demonstration).

It doesn’t matter if you rent storage facilities by the day, week, month quarter or more – the ProWork+ system can manage all of your data at the touch of a button. Once you have input the data, the system takes care of the rest for you.

The system was designed from scratch to cater for a diverse industry offering a service to commercial and private individuals. The need to build a system, which catered for all of those, was what led us to where we are today.

The ProWork+ system will manage all the clients you have in one place, simply, efficiently and effectively every single time. Your invoices will be generated for you at the touch of button. They are printed or emailed – you make the choice on a per-customer basis! The control is in your hands and gives you more time for other things.

What Will It Do For Me?

The advantages of the system are easy to see. The system will:

• Save you time

• Allow you to work more efficiently

• Print all invoices, which are due

• Works with a mix of weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.

• Push a button, invoices generated

• Invoices can be emailed, printed or a mix of both

• Allow you more time to do other things

Simple - Easy - Efficient.

For an information sheet or demonstration copy, go to our 'DOWNLOADS' section


Removals From the first call through to completion - a system that manages it all!

Once the customer has called, you can manage their removal completely from within the system. All information is held within the individual customer record and can be viewed and progressed. Distances automatically calculated which are fed into the quote system. The cube list results are also fed into the quote. Add transport, staff and any other items required to build a complete quote for the customer. You can print, email or both. Fast and efficient!

When moving, all job paperwork is printed at the touch of a button. Maintain complete control over removals. The easy-to-use system allows you to spend more time managing the workload rather than managing the job.

For an information sheet go to our 'DOWNLOADS' section

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