BS-8666 Steel Bending Shape Code Sotware Added!

BS-8666 Steel Bending Shape Code Sotware Added! We recently added software we created which benefits the steel-supply industry. Combining the BS-8666 shape code standard with an easy-to-use yet powerful system which will simplify and streamline the ordering process. Available in 3 options of cutting list only, cutting list and ordering system and also cutting list, ordering and Xero accounts connection, the software provides a means to reduce time taken to create and manage an order from start to delivery and invoice.

What the software includes:

Easy-to-use interface for creating an order

Cutting list generation sheet

Order management

Create delivery and invoice notes using all or chosen items

Output of weather-proof labels for delivery

Connection directly into Xero to push contact and/or invoice info

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The 3 Questions to Ask Yourself on How to Simplify Workload

The 3 Questions to Ask Yourself on How to Simplify Workload To put more simply, Where? - How?- What?

Ask anyone - no matter what environment they work in and the story will be almost universal - not enough hours in the day, snowed under, crazy workload. If they deal directly with customers, that feeling is magnified. The simple fact is that when a customer calls, they don’t want to talk to you, they just want to get back to what they were doing before they called. They want the issue to be gone. More importantly, they want to feel valued. They need to feel as if they are your only customer and you remember every little detail of their job. That feeling is shared across all your customers. They want to feel unique and memorable and, unless you have instant recall, that is unlikely to happen. How do we get around this issue?

The problem is simple to explain and the answer is just as easy - too much information in lots of different places. Different files, different filing cabinets, different offices, different departments - all… different.

The customer doesn’t care. They just want to know you know who they are and what you did or are doing for them. The answer; simplify and centralise. Therefore the first question is easy:

1: Do I know WHERE all relevant information is held and can I access it whilst speaking to the customer?

The next thing to look at is the problem itself. You waste so much time carrying out repetitive tasks, why do that?

2: HOW can I simplify what I do and provide a better service?

Imagine the scenario: You are providing a service and Mr Smith calls to find out the progress of his work. You think the parts have been ordered but not sure if they’ve arrived or ben fitted. You’ll call him back. Before you do, the phone rings again. Mrs Jones asking if you know the work will be started. There are so many ways this can go wrong and in turn make for an unhappy customer.

The answer is clear - all the information in a central location and you can tell the customer on the phone straight away. You’ve given the customer the information, now they can go back to what they were doing with an answer in their head. You look more efficient, they are happy as they know where things are, and you are less likely to receive another call if you’ve forgotten to return their call in the first place!

It doesn’t matter if you sell a service, manage a portfolio or run a workshop - the customer will always need an answer. Make that easier for them and you!

3: WHAT benefit is there to the company?

It’s Monday morning again and Mr Smith calls at 09:05. You’ve just sat at your desk and are planning the day ahead. As soon as he says his name, you have his details in front of you. Immediately you can see the job started last week was awaiting delivery of parts. They arrived Friday afternoon and an engineer is working on them right now.

You can now explain to Mr Smith WHERE his job is as far as progress goes,

HOW long it will be approximately before it is finished and finally,

WHAT happens next.

The result now is a happy customer as he has a complete picture. He has all the details and can carry on with his day. You can concentrate on what you were doing before the call and, more importantly Mr Smith is impressed with your efficiency and tells others what a fantastic service you offer. Isn’t that an answer worth hearing? Want to know more? Ask us!

Are You GDPR Compliant?

Are You GDPR Compliant? As you may be aware (and we hope you are!), the old Data Protection Act will be changing to GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations on May 25th 2018. This is not a rumour or a potential - it is happening! What is also changing is that previously the Data Protection Act, whilst enforceable, was actually a directive. The new GDPR is legislation - it is not voluntary or suggestive, it is law!

What do I need to be aware of? The first thing you need to be aware of is that the new regulations will affect you in some form or another. Be aware! It is easier to check and know that be reactive and plead ignorance. Ignorance is absolutely no defence. Whilst the ICO has stated "it’s scaremongering to suggest that we’ll be making early examples of organisations for minor infringements or that maximum fines will become the norm. This law is not about fines. It’s about putting the consumer and citizen first. We can’t lose sight of that.", they will still enforce the regulations where necessary.

Look at what information you keep on contacts - your accounts package, the means you use to keep contact details (doesn't matter if it's an Access database or a true CRM package, it still applies), where you keep the information (on a single computer, on a server, in the Cloud), who can see and who can get access to it, do you actually have permission to have this data?, is it up to date?, employee records, do I have a privacy policy and is it on my website?, what does my CCTV capture?. As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider.

To carry out an initial audit, we have prepared a basic checklist which asks the outline questions, the answers to which should form the basis of your investigation.

Polarsun Creative and SportSmart Consulting Join Forces

Polarsun Creative and SportSmart Consulting Join Forces For the past 18 months, both Polarsun and SportSmart Consulting have worked in tandem. Whilst the fields of operation have been mostly different, there have been areas of crossover that blurred the company lines to the point it could have been either company carrying out the work. With that in mind, the decision was taken to merge both companies together to work under the banner of Polarsun Creative. This will allow us more flexibility to do what we have always done but to offer a broader service to everyone under one name.

Our client base extends across sports clubs, construction companies, manufacturing companies, the service industry and a host of other business types. We still offer the same flexible, responsive and supportive service we always did and will continue to do so.

System Restructure and Remodeling

System Restructure and Remodeling We set about restructuring our existing software platforms to make them more suitable for a larger number of companies in other areas. The modular system we had in place has been dismantled and rebuilt to enable a more modular system whereby you can use only the elements you need. This makes the product more cost-effective and suited to your needs.

As always, the system is completely customisable and can be built around your specific needs if required.

Latest Software Product Goes Live

A new system has been put in place to manage storage for a container storage company

We were tasked with creating a storage management system which would track rentals, generate bills based on whether the user is monthly, quarterly or yearly and also generates system reports for outstanding invoices and container occupancy. The system needed to be flexible enough to allow the users to add their own content yet robust enough to ensure that any data added fit the required criteria seamlessly. The resulting product has simplified the process and is not in use across two sites managing a large number of container and physical storage facilities.

Latest Software Product Goes Live

A Central System Saves Time and Money?

Bespoke Systems Software written specially for your way of working can help your organisation

  1. Work more efficiently
  2. Cut time-wasting
  3. Automate processes (like email sending)
  4. Automate invoicing
  5. Improve marketing and customer relationships
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