Removals and Storage Company

Removals and Storage Company

A company who specialise in the relocation and storage industry contacted us looking to find a solution to a problem they had. When we arrived, they were still using a clipboard and pen to measure the items and quantity within a property. Whilst this was effective and did what they needed, they knew there was a better way.

After seeing how they carried out their estimating and the subsequent work involved afterwards, we set about creating a solution. From this, StorM was born!

The problem they had was that the offices held a mixture of both Windows-based and Apple computers. They needed a solution which would work on both platforms. We had something similar previously when we created a web-based solution but the company wanted something which would be in-house.

Following various discussions, we created the first draft of the StorM software which allowed them to input the information from their initial site visit. This created a 'Cube' list for the client and from there generated a quote based on the particular parameters of the job such as manpower, trucks and mileage involved.

The process went from a 3hr slog to create a quote down to a 15 min data entry to create and send a professional quote to the client!

The software has been in place for some time now and has simplified the whole process, thus reducing time spent in administration and allowing more time for other things.

We are in the process of working with the client to create an iPad version of the software to allow site visit and data-entry which will connect and generate based on the visit.

The same story applied with storage. Whilst there were a large number of containers, the administration of them was loose and based on paper records. This resulted in clients not being billed on time or storage dates being fluid. What was needed was a method of controlling the data and ensuring the containers were administered properly. For this reason we created the Storage section of the software.

The software allows the input of exactly when the customer property comes into storage, for how long, or on what duration they are billed (7, 14, 28 days etc). From that point, the system becomes automatic. At the push of a button, the system checks to see if a bill is due within the billing period, then generates a bill. This can either be posted or emailed to the customer.

You can view the customer and see all of the invoices due and paid. When the system was installed, the time taken to administer the containers. The bills were generated and found that they had outstanding money due from customers. This actually resulted in the software being paid for by money the client didn't know they were missing!

The software has been in place for a period of time now and has simplified the time and work involved.

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