Construction Company

Construction Company

We were contacted by a construction company who had always managed their data using a mixture of spreadsheets, database and hard copy.  They knew this was a system that needed to be modernised yet retain the simplicity they had become accustomed to.

We were tasked with carrying out a complete analysis of their current work method and building a system around what they did.  This involved us spending time with them and watching how things worked (we were even roped into lifting at one point!) before building an outline construct of what we proposed.  They system itself was easy to understand, it just needed to be built in an electronic way.

The screenshot shown above shows what we built and what it can do. The system is designed to be used by 4 office staff and is managed by one of those users. Data is centralised so that all see the same information, 3 users can update and 1 is view-only.

The information has simplified everything they do by simply putting all of the relevant information into one location. The system is also connected to Sage Accounts to 'pull' invoice information so that it is current and up-to-date.  This connects into the 'Support' system that allows them to allocate a 'Repair' to a particular invoice. From this they can trend repairs vs work carried. They can also track time taken to repair so that they can monitor their support system better.

All in all, the system has drastically reduced the amount of time taken to carry out daily tasks and now allows office staff to concentrate more on other areas of the business, The system is backed-up to an off-site location in the event of a disaster-recovery event.

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