Base Model

All of our systems are built on a standard base model. This central module has a complete customer record base where you can store all data relative to your customers. Any data system requires the core data at the centre. In most cases this is the customers you work with.

The Standard Platform

The Standard Platform

This module is the central point for all of your data. Whether that is customers, products, documents or any other type of data, the central hub is where it is all stored. From this point, you can work outwards to extract what you need.

Acting as a CRM system in this case, this is a means to manage all of your customer data in one easy-to-use location. The example shown provides details on the customer, any invoices they may have (including unpaid), which units they have assigned to them and any notes relating to the customer

CRM System Features

  • Central Data location for all customer info
  • Overview outstanding bills
  • Make notes for specific customers
  • Email customer directly from their record
  • Attach document to customer record


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