Polarsun Creative are a FileMaker Database and Web Development agency based in Skegness Lincolnshire, our work involves business across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Whether you’d like your customers to be able to log in to your site and view their invoices, or perhaps have a central, internal system which shares data for staff to use, we can build this for you. Our FileMaker data-management and workflow systems can be both online and office-based. You can have a system built using FileMaker which is available through the internet or an internal system which uses your existing office computers. Our experience and fresh approach to systems development ensures that all of the systems we produce not only look great and have a user friendly layout, but most importantly, work hard for your business. FileMaker is a flexible system design tool which allows us to create flowing, robust information management systems

In simple terms, we take what you do already and make it quicker and easier to do. Your data in one place will reduce time spent, which will save you money. Customer data, orders, invoices, products and anything else you keep. Simplify by centralising.


Data Management
Data Management

In almost every case, companies keep their data in a variety of places. Excel spreadsheets, Access database files and also manual records. To view records, users move between locations to find what they need.

Data Management
Workflow Systems
Workflow Systems

A workflow system takes data management several steps forward. Instead of holding and managing data, with a workflow system you can interact with the data to simplify your daily routine

Workflow Systems
Responsive Websites
Responsive Websites

We build finely-tuned, exemplary web applications that are easy on the eye, simple to use and flawless in their functionality. We build, quick, responsive web systems which work on any device

Website Development
A Central System Saves Time and Money?

Bespoke Systems Software written specially for your way of working can help your organisation

  1. Work more efficiently
  2. Cut time-wasting
  3. Automate processes (like email sending)
  4. Automate invoicing
  5. Improve marketing and customer relationships
Our Services include

With our systems you can access your data from the web, iPhone, iPad, desktop or laptop on Windows and Mac

  • CRM systems
  • Manage your workflow
  • Stock control systems
  • Database development
  • Modern responsive websites
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